Monday, January 14, 2013

Helpful home hints

A couple friends gave me whole bunch of different house magazines recently. I learned about:
Adding decorative molding strips to tables with recessed aprons. (from This Old House; 5/12) Uh, don't overdo it.
Using mayo to remove sticker adhesive, water rings--and rings from fingers--And more... (Ibid)
Organizing Paula Deen's kitchen. (From Good Housekeeping; 1/12)
Walking in the park. (Ibid)
Urban homesteading books. (Better Homes and Gardens; 1/13)
Pepperidge Farm puff pastry recipes--ad (Better Homes & Gardens; 12/12. And elsewhere.)
Turning an understairs closet into a playroom for visiting children. (Better Homes & Gardens; 8/12)
Chalkboard paint that comes in different colors. (Ibid)
Making frilly flowers out of paper cupcake liners--mini and regular sizes. (Family Circle; 2/13)

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