Sunday, January 20, 2013

Homes, kitchens, and gardens

There are some lovely makeovers in the February issue of Southern Living, though too often there was no need for a makeover. I am so sick of hearing that a kitchen or bathroom is outdated. It makes Americans look wasteful and shallow. And why should we hide our appliances and wastebaskets? Putting a dirty wastebasket in a cabinet only gives you more work--and a lot more sanitizing. That's where your garbage goes! And it leaks and spills. And open shelving equals more cleaning too.
I loved the dogtrot home--making use of a practical idea. (The home we built in the country was based on the dogtrot, which makes for a cooler home--truly practical when a hurricane wipes out your power.)
The lemon dessert recipes look refreshing and delicious. Spoon licking good! My sister makes a great Shaker lemon pie, btw. I also appreciated The Grumpy Gardener taking on crepe murder in his column; he even has a photo contest for the worst examples you can find. You could win a dwarf crepe myrtle.

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