Monday, February 11, 2013

Home decorating ideas

The March 2013 issue of Country Living has some lovely and novel ideas for home decorating; combining old and new can make a home more interesting. Metal and the industrial look is in, though it may not work in your house. What is too traditional, btw?  However, I really liked the steel and sheet metal cabinet with metal mesh doors--much better than chicken wire; and I've never liked the fake distressed wood look. I did like the tavern table behind a sofa that works as a desk. Lots of work space, though you'll need file space too.
Ideas include copying open books--with illustrations--and tacking up the printouts. However, defacing portraits may amuse some people, but they could be ruining some vintage collectibles. Railroad collectibles including depot signs, lanterns, step stools, and tableware can also liven up a home. And I always enjoy the home makeover articles.  Hey, look!  It's Shawn's father!!  (From Psych.)

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