Friday, May 31, 2013

Kitchen sink disposals

Today at the end of the day--about 5 pm--we had to call a plumber 'cause I had said--Let's use the disposal. We need to use it now and then. (We were making supper.)  So we clogged up the pipes and the kitchen sink wouldn't drain. (Last time we did that, we learned that you never put bananas in your disposal.) When we moved in here and remodeled--since our kitchen sink here was plumbed for a disposal (we'd never had one; we used a compost bin), I said, Let's put one in for resale value. My sister didn't want to 'cause we didn't need it and things like that are potential problems, so she's been wanting to get rid of it for ages (hmm; two years now), and tonight I was ready to let it go! However, the plumber would be charging us overtime. Drat. But I didn't want a sink full of green water and debris (cucumber peelings and pea pods) floating around all weekend--and probably getting stinky. So after the plumber cleaned out the crud, we asked him how much it would cost to get rid of it next week when it would be cheaper, but he said that if he did it tonight, it would be cheaper because he wouldn't have to charge us for another trip.  Yes!  So we had him take it out. Now we've got more room under the sink, and the second sink looks better 'cause it doesn't have the black rubber flaps and drain stopper; it's shinier.  It is so nice to have a future project dealt with sooner and cheaper.  (Next is a new bathroom sink and/or cabinet.  Still haven't decided.)

Note: We do have a tumbler compost bin here out back,but it's more of a nuisance than our big, old compost bin that we'd just move now and then.

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