Monday, June 24, 2013

Detour Trail and the A to Z blog challenge

Back in April I took part in the A to Z blog challenge on my writing blog, and I used Detour Trail and the west as my theme.  Now I'm going to share my posts here, and I hope you enjoy them:

First day of A to Z!

It’s April 1 and the first day of the Blogging from A to Z Challenge; naturally the first letter is A.  My theme for this challenge is my western novel, Detour Trail, so I’m choosing words related to the west and Detour Trail and its characters. This may not always be easy…

And A is for Ambush. Lorrie, my heroine, runs into more than one ambush on the trail; it’s a good thing her companions are there to help…

B is for Blizzard
Lorrie was warned about blizzards, but she had to make one more trip–and then another. Yep, she was caught in one on the trail… And Blizzard is also the name of a character in Detour Trail.
C is for cabins
When Lorrie and her small group of settlers finally find a place to settle, building cabins is a priority, but first they have to decide who gets the first home(s) because they also have to plant, so some will have to wait… Detour Trail is full of such decisions.
D is for desperado
There’s a desperado studying on revenge… When will he attack? Will she be prepared for this ambush? Possibly not…
E is for expedition
I had to look up up expedition to be sure it applies to Lorrie’s wagon train trek, and it does: “…starting out on a journey, … for some definite purpose…” Yep, that’s Lorrie on the Detour Trail all right.
F is for firkin
A firkin is “a small, wooden tub for butter, lard, etc.,” says the dictionary. Today they’re collectibles–in the primitive category. In Lorrie’s time, they were useful, along with crocks and pie safes.

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