Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Detour Trail and the A to Z blog challenge, part 2

G is for general store
Lorrie helps keep the general store in Sugar Valley supplied, which gives her a good excuse to get back on the trail… And there’s a picture of a general store on my Western Style board on Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/joyvsmith/
H is for hay
Hay: It sounds like such a common thing, but when you need it for your livestock, you realize how important it is. Buying hay and selling her oxen (fewer mouths to feed) on trips back and forth as she forages for fodder gets Lorrie buried in a blizzard…
I is for Ink
Here Ink is both the nickname of the editor of Territory Tales and the ink he uses on his printing press. And speaking of fodder, Lorrie has given him stories for his newspaper… Lorrie visits Ink now and then in Detour Trail.
J is for Jake
Jake is a mule–and a main character in Detour Trail, and I’m collecting mule pictures on my Western Style board on Pinterest. You might enjoy my Cool Critters board too. Pinterest link: http://pinterest.com/joyvsmith/
K is for kettle
A big cast iron kettle or pot is a necessity on the trail when you’re cooking over a campfire or hanging in the fireplace when you’ve finally got your cabin built. (It’s not true that Lorrie doesn’t know what a kettle is for.)
L is for larder
The larder or pantry is where the household’s food supplies are kept; and I see that originally it meant a storehouse for bacon. (OFr
M is for mule
Mules, horses, and oxen were essential on the trail, but Lorrie didn’t need more livestock when she met Jake, but he turned out to be very useful on the trail. Oh, and around the house sometimes…

Btw, a mule is the offspring of a donky and a horse, especially the offspring of a jackass and a mare. They are usually sterile. Check out my Western Style board on Pinterest for pictures of mules: http://pinterest.com/joyvsmith/
Note: A hinny is the offspring of a male horse and a female donkey.

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