Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Detour Trail and the A to Z blog challenge, part 3

N is for newspaper
I used the newspaper, Territory Tales, as part of the plot in Detour Trail now and then.
O is for oxen
In Detour Trail, Lorrie has four oxen–Jemmy, Dolly, Clay, and Spotty–who are pulling the big covered wagon, but how will she feed them, the horses, and the other livestock when they’re not completely prepared for their first winter?
P is for pie safe
I thought about choosing printing press or photography, which are part of Detour Trail, but I decided on pie safe, which isn’t even mentioned. (I wish I’d thought of it!) Pie safes are sort of like pantries; they have wooden frames, but the sides are made of punched tin in a variety of designs or screening to let air in and keep critters out.
Q is for quest
It fits the theme although Lorrie never thought about being on a quest; she just knew what she wanted to do. And quaff, quagga, and quantum didn’t fit. I thought about qualm and quandary, but they didn’t fit Lorrie.
R is for reporter
The reporter who tracked Lorrie down in Detour Trail helped make Lorrie a legend when she wrote a book about her and helped Lorrie think more deeply about her family, the settlement, and history.
S is for siblings
There are pairs and groups of siblings in Detour Trail, and I have Lorrie introduce the word to one of them. I’ve always liked siblings; and it’s more interesting than brothers and sisters.
T is for Team
There are horse and oxen teams in Detour Trail, and there is teamwork–both along the trail and when the settlers begin to build their new community: Sugar Valley.

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Such a fun and informative read Joy. You have been so busy here since I last popped in. Catch up again soon.