Thursday, June 27, 2013

Detour Trail and the A to Z blog challenge, part 4

U is for unarmed
Lorrie is rarely unarmed. Just because you don’t see a weapon doesn’t mean there’s not one lurking in the brush…
V is for venture
Venture: 1) “A risky or dangerous undertaking…” Oh, yes. Just think about all those who ventured away from their safe, snuggly-built homes where they were surrounded by friends and family, general stores, ….

Note: “[Aphetic for ... adventure..."]. I had to look up aphetic: “loss of a short unaccented vowel at the beginning of a word, a form of apheresis,” which is: “the dropping of a letter, syllable, or phoneme at the beginning of a word…”   So, now I have to look up phoneme: “a set of phonetically similar but slightly different sounds …” It’s more complicated than that!  Talk about a detour!
W is for wolf
Naturally–because of Gray Cloud’s importance in Detour Trail. Btw, I have wolf photos, among others, to furnish background for the west and Detour Trail, on my Western Style board on Pinterest:
X marks the spot
It works for me! ‘Course Lorrie didn’t have an X to head for in Detour Trail; she had to–oops. That letter’s upoming, and it’ll be the last one. It’s been fun discovering themes and words. Thanks to all who made this a fun trip.
Y is for yoke
Yoke has multiple meanings, including being part of a dress, but since I’m focusing on western terms and Detour Trail, I’m thinking about oxen and yokes. Lorrie started out with four oxen–to pull the big covered wagon–and her horses, including a team for the small wagon.
Z is for zig AND zag
Zig and zag is what Lorrie did in Detour Trail as she made her way back and forth along the trails…

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