Saturday, July 27, 2013

Home decorating and entertaining ideas

The August issue of Southern Living is their Special Decorating Issue, and it includes interior and exterior makeovers, with ideas such as adding a second entrance to improve a boring front exterior, colorful baseboards, and displaying your collectibles to tell a story. And you can make your sofa a focal point with bold uphostery and a pom pom fringe. (That'll be sure to attract your pet's attention too...)

Two ideas that I do not like are cutting down a dining room table to make it into a coffee table. (They're stilll doing that?!) And open shelving in the kitchen. Hmm. So, they don't have pets, children, or do any cooking?

The recipe collection includes picnic dishes, a Key Lime Icebox Cake (no baking), and white barbecue sauce. (Mayonnaise is the base.) That cake looks yummy, btw. Its layers are topped with whipped cream and a lime slice with leaves garnish. Enjoy!

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