Friday, July 26, 2013

Home is where the heart is--along with some good books

Tip of the Month from Build Book Buzz: is the Pinterest of Books

I don't usually get excited about new social platforms for books because there are so many of them and learning how to really make the most of each can become a part-time job... but then I found Riffle Books.

What a cool site! It is the most visually attractive social network for books that I've seen so far. Graphics focus on collections of book covers - and what book lover isn't drawn to a screen full of book covers? Think of it as Pinterest for books.

You build your Riffle profile by answering questions about books - "What were your favorite books growing up?" and "Which books kept you awake at night?" are two of the 20. Create book lists that you share on Facebook or volunteer to become a book category "expert."

Check out Riffle at

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