Monday, August 19, 2013

Remodeling: Not finished yet

We had about three projects left after we finished our remodeling--almost two and a half years ago now. We wanted to replace a bathroom pedestal sink that was cracked, the back door which is mostly a big pane of glass, and change out the dining room light with a ceiling fan/light combination. The dining room needs a brighter light, and we’ll get rid of that dimmer switch, which tends to sink down so that after we put on the light, we have to push the dimmer switch up!
So, we recently bought a vanity for the bathroom. We were going to get a smaller sink, but the new one is only slightly smaller; it’s angled on the front corners. We liked its looks better than the smaller vanity we also looked at. It should be installed next week, and we’ll see how it fits--and if we can get it around the corner of the utility room from the garage where it’s sitting now…
We also ordered a door; it has the blinds and a grid that is inside the glass. We’ll be able to finally have more privacy--though our backyard is very private--and yet the dogs can still look out the back door--and smear it up… The ceiling fan will wait a little longer, though we’ve been browsing for one for a long time.
We're still planting, of course, and we have more fruit trees and herbs than we had out in the country! The fig tree is covered with figs, and we've been harvesting them for a long time. The lime tree, which was here when we came, is covered with limes again. Since we moved here, we’ve given bags full of limes away. We're waiting for the mulberry and olive trees to start fruiting.

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