Thursday, September 12, 2013

Back door project finished

The back door was installed yesterday, but was fine-tuned today with trim, hinges, and hardware secured. Since it was a remodeling, there were issues to be addressed because the door frame wasn't exactly straight and the hinges had to be moved, plus a new one installed. (I do feel more secure with three hinges.) It took three days, and yesterday the doorway was covered with plastic and taped and weighted down to keep the heat out. (We're still in the low 90s here.) The contractor had to walk back and forth around back and through the garage to get to the door (painting, drilling, etc.). And we had to take the dogs out through the garage and walk them out front (easier than going up the ramp and through the gate).

The new door is beautiful, and we noticed a difference in the noise level.  It's much quieter, and we have tempered safety glass, which is 3-5 times stronger than annealed glass.  It's also Low-E (a high performance glass coating that blocks heat flow) and Energy Star compliant.  And instead of a vertical picture window in the door, we have grilles and blinds between the glass.  The old door frame was black; the new door is all white except for the clear glass; it looks better, and the dining room looks bigger.  Interesting effect.   I hope to get pictures.

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