Sunday, September 8, 2013

Dining room light replacement

At last the dining room overhead light--and its annoying dimmer--has been replaced with a ceiling fan, light, and new switch. We no longer have to turn on the light and then push the dimmer switch up--over and over. And the light is brighter, though we learned that one of the three bulbs was burned out. You can't tell inside that kind of shade.

While the electrician worked on the ceiling light--stopping to ask us which side of the blades we wanted to be facing down; we opted for the lighter wood since we didn't get the white blades we had planned on. (Don't ask.) And then when he called us in to check it out--uh, I think the shade is a trifle crooked--I looked at the the two pulls (which we have changed at least twice since then as we have mutliple fancy pull chains on hand) and realized that we hadn't asked him to use the second switch next to the light switch, which we had always wondered about. Why would they add a switch for a ceiling fan when they didn't have a ceiling fan?!
So, he started over. He had to take the whole fixture down! He sighed a lot, btw, but was very polite, and at last he called me into the dining room and asked me if there was an outlet behind the book cases lining the wall that the switches were on. Probably, I said, 'cause they're everywhere. You've never seen so many light switches, outlets, and jacks--and those other things... as are in this house. Well, he said calmly, this switch is probably for the outlet. Great Scott! You are probably right. The living room is wired that way--two switches for two outlets for floor lamps because they didn't have overhead lighting in the living room. (We rectified that, btw, by adding a ceiling light and fan and a foyer light.) But the dining room had an overhead light--pathetic though it was. Who'd have thought it?!

So we paid the man and he headed for home--still acclerating last we saw of him. And the bill was very reasonable. Thank you, sir! Now we sometimes put the dining room light on just to admire it and the light switch. The room is so much brighter, The perimeter of the room used to be in shadow.  We are delighted to have the third of the four remodeling projects that we'd put off, done this year.  Next is hanging the door, which is in the garage drying until sometime this coming week.

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