Thursday, September 26, 2013

Home design

There are some lovely home ideas in the Fall/Winter 2013 issue of New Old House. A Savvy Home (Architect's Principles article) tells the story of a family that was all set to build a home of more than 5,000 square feet, but in September 2008 it had to be postponed... Four years later, his clients called him; they were ready to go ahead, but they had decided to make it smaller (3,000 square feet). They didn't need the home they'd imagined, and they'd be downsizing eventually so this would be more practical. The architect, Russell Versaci, goes on to say that those pretentious McMansions will become dated and even white elephants in the future. Instead of trendy, go for classic.

Btw, locally--possibly Tampa--a wealthy man just bulldozed his big million dollar home so he could build a bigger one. He didn't even recycle the expensive building materials--or the curtains--the waste! (I got to see it happen on the news.)

Note: I recently called Restore (the Habitat for Humanity store) to pick up the leftovers from our modest remodeling projects.

Have you seen those huge cut out openings--no trim work--between rooms on the home shows? Apparently another recent trend; they look like someone cut them out with a butcher knife. There's a home in this issue where they framed the opening with classical pilasters. Beautiful! I also liked the colonnades with leaded glass doors (it looks like) in another home.

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