Tuesday, September 24, 2013

My Snackies board (link)

I'm not known for my cooking 'cause I don't, so I decided to add a snacks board to my Pinterest collection, and I'm having fun with that.  You'll notice that I included healthy snacks from Kashi--and I didn't include those fancy popcorn snacks...  (They come in all flavors and colors.)

Link: http://www.pinterest.com/joyvsmith/snackies/

Note: I got the Kashi hummus crisps free because I'm a BzzAgent, and I get to try all kinds of fun stuff.  Yes, snacks are among my favorite food products to taste test, and I--and my family--enjoyed Kashi's Sea Salt and Olive Oil hummus crisps, which are flavorful and very crispy, but I'm looking forward even more to the Carmelized Onion flavor.  And yes, I plan to track down potato chips to add to my snackies board.

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