Friday, October 11, 2013

AC coil sabotage!

It's still hot here in Florida (we're used to that in September, but it's almost the middle of October!), but then we noticed a few days ago that it was hot inside as well.  I really noticed it sitting at the computer in the office so we called our AC company, and a repairman came out, took that unit apart (we have two so the other end of the house is cool) and then wandered around in the attic for a while.  Finally he came in the house and led us out to the unit and showed us the problem.  Our little Corgi male has been lifting his leg on the unit, and the acid in the urine destroyed the coil and so the freon escaped.  So now we're waiting for a new coil, which should take 7-10 days, and then we'll pay big bucks to have it replaced.  The repairman advised us to fence it off so that doesn't happen again.  Yep, we went straight to the hardware store and bought several sections of little plastic fencing and surrounded the unit and its slab.  It's not your pretty little picket fence, but it's in a corner hidden by a lot of plants, which is why we never noticed what he was up to...

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