Thursday, October 3, 2013

October: The month of the bazaar

Yes, it's time for fall bazaars and Halloween. I pulled out my Halloween decorations this morning; I don't go all out and put a cemetary on the front lawn--though I passed one last night that looks cool--or put up all kinds of scary stuff. I have two ghost candles and cardboard black cats and pumpkins and a huge Hocus Pocus book (it's hollow and makes funny noises when you open it, though it looks like it needs a new battery), plus colorful (fake) leaves covering the hunt board. One of my favorite restaurants is more impressive! It has spiders (flat and 3D) and bats (flying and hanging), ghosts, skeletons, etc. all over the windows, the walls, and the interior doors (full size on the doors)!  So have fun--and don't scare the kiddies!  And for entertaining, a hollowed-out pumpkin is great for serving a pumpkin dish or candy (line it first for the candy). 

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