Saturday, October 26, 2013

Scrap metal sculptures

I went to the big fall plant festival downtown today and had a good time browsing the flowers and trees and garden accessories, plus handmade soap, etc.; the wild animal rescue display is always interesting too.  So, once again I looked at the critters made from scrap metal; there is always such an amazing variety of birds and animals.  The horses, dogs, birds, peacock, etc. are fun.  I was tempted by the big dog with the bone (wrench) in its mouth and the eyes made from gauges, the smaller version, and the Chihuahua (little dog anyway) with blue eyes.

I finally decided on the smaller version of the dog with the bone in its mouth, which was a good thing 'cause it's heavy!  Its body is a really big coil recycled from something; its head is a hammer head; its feet and ears are from golf clubs, and its tail is a straight thin pipe sticking straight up.  The length of the coil is 13".  The height to the top of the head is 15".  The wrench (bone) in its mouth is 9" from one side to the other.  The height of the tail from its rear is 9".  The eyes are backed by metal circles, and the bluish eyes are plastic maybe.  When I took it in the house and put it on the living room floor, Blizzard sniffed its butt...

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