Friday, October 4, 2013

Tropical Storm Karen

TS Karen is heading NNW and may make landfall between Mobile and Pensacola before turning east.  It probably won't become a hurricane.  We may get some rain Sunday. 

I didn't give much space to TS Jerry, who is long gone, I think.

It's been quiet this season (for us), and I saw on the weather report a few days ago that we were 28% lower storm wise...  Or only 28% of what we usually get in the way of named storms--or hurricanes.  Something like that.

Update (10-5-13): Karen is now a tropical depression and is expected to make landfall in southern Lousiana and still expected to turn northeast after that.

Update (10-6-13): The remnants of Karen are heading east.  We might get some rain tomorrow.

Note: The first winter storm was named Atlas. 

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