Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Doorway and Other Stories on sale now!

I'm taking advantage of the Kindle Countdown Deal, and my reprint collection, The Doorway and Other Stories, is on sale for two more days at $1.99:

His mother named him Grief; his aunt & uncle raised him until his aunt died. Find out what he had to do then in Home Not.

The Doorway: Nessa stumbles into the time corridor while helping a friend.

Guard Dog is the sequel to The Doorway (They have coats like steel wool.)

Royal Guardians: An ex-queen and her companions land in Florida after they escape from her palace during a volcanic eruption.

Tired of your human body? What's it like to be a cat? Read Stray Cats.

The Trees of Home is about real tree houses, unicorns, and hostile mermaids--and a mother looking for respect from her family--so she takes them on a vacation they won't forget.

The freeps in What Price a Friendly Freep resemble tribbles...

My genetic engineering short story, Carnies, is included in The Doorway and Other Stories.

The Princess Quest first appeared in Kings of the Night II anthology.

Old Rex, aka DA's daughter's dead dog, is one of 14 stories in The Doorway and Other Stories.

Pilot's Course was 2nd in the Andre Norton division in the 1995 FFWA FSW competition.

In Too Tight, Petals, a model, finds that her new dress is a little too clingy.

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