Friday, April 11, 2014

Color of the Month: Magnolia (link)

You'd think that the color would be green (the leaves) or white (the most common magnolia blossom color), but it's a lovely pale pastel pink.  'Course there are other magnolia blossom colors too, but check this delicate color out:{4E6771C7-C8B2-491F-8AC7-73EFF9F12E8E}

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Masked Mom said...

I worked in a flower shop for ten years and was introduced to all sorts of color variations there--still I would be thrown off when someone would come in and want to discuss the exact gradations between magenta and fuchsia, say, or between lavender and periwinkle. I always told everyone that if it's not in the Crayola eight-box, I had no idea what color it was. :)