Friday, May 30, 2014

Joy's Galaxy of Fun: An Anthology

Featured Anthology – Joy’s Galaxy of fun

JOY’S GALAXY OF FUN -edited by Joy V. Smith
A delightful 242 page collection of fun and imaginative stories including spoofs and puns.
Some stories abounding in humor, some sci-fi  and some of intrigue;
…    Perhaps you recall that Emperor Charlemagne had his majestic sword “Joyeuse” and King Arthur, a spectacular singing sword, called “Excalibur.” But then there is the weapon James carries. It is but a small throwing dagger, intriguingly accurate, as described in “Blade of the Bunny.”
…    Larry had just finished a delicious sweet and sour pork dinner with an astronomer seated beside him at the China Cafe` in London. Both warily looked at the cracked-open fortune cookie. Larry couldn’t possibly be prepared for a fortune stating, “A meteor will kill you in five minutes,” but would his dinner companion have any helpful advice?
…    A crescendo of jeers and cheers greeted the sergeant as he stepped out onto the sidewalk, yet in his heart Gus felt an unbounded joy.
…    These three stories and many, many more!
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