Sunday, July 13, 2014

Decorating ideas

I enjoyed all the color choices and decorating ideas--stripes are in, btw--in the July/August issue of HGTV Magazine.  They have great sources also for getting an expensive look at a cheaper price--always apprecitated 'cause I hate waste.  And you're reminded not to use regular detergent in an HE washer and not to push bits of food down your drain.

I appreciate learning things like the differences between rattan and wicker and quartz and granite.  (I knew I should have gotten quartz.)  And learning decorating terms; I knew most of them except for some of the table legs--and Euro pillows.  I'm sure that's a new one.

I love paint color names, such as Blue Peacock (Sherwin-Williams), Citrus Zest (Behr), and Rosemary Green (Benjamin Moore).  Wait!!  That does not look like rosemary!  And I enjoyed the porch and home makeover ideas.  Always a fun learning experience.

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