Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Roof inspections

We recently had our lawn guy blow the leaves and branches off our roof.  Wow!  What a job that was; there were piles of leaves and branches--big and little--all around the house (that's lots 'cause we have a long rancher).  He did a great job of clean-up, btw.  However, later he told us that there was a depression on the flat part of our roof in the back--and the flashing wasn't looking so good.  Yep, we had to have that part of the roof replaced.  (We got our basic three estimates, of course.)  Oh, the roofers said that the house should be cooler this summer too, which was good news!  We talked to the city roof inspector when he did the final check, and he said they did a good job.  Anyway, in the latest issue (June 2015) of HGTV Magazine, they said--via Chip Wade of Elbow Room, that it's worth the money to have your roof inspected every three to five years.  I'm certainly grateful to our lawn guy (thanks, Steve!) that we got our roof fixed in time 'cause we've never had a roof inspection.

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Greg said...

I'm glad that you had your roof inspected. I guess that is really an important thing to do so that you will know ahead if there are any problems with its structure, just like what they found out in yours. It's also nice that you're happy with your lawn guy's service. I hope that you'll be able to have your roof inspected regularly. Have a nice day, Joy!

Greg @ Chavez Roofing