Saturday, August 15, 2015

Decorating ideas

The Autumn issue (Volume 6, Issue 4) of The Cottage Journal includes beautiful cottages and cabins with ideas for decorating homes with collectibles, antiques, and salvaged pieces.  One home owner hangs exotic old doors from around the world on his walls; and another home owner loves landscapes with roads curving off into the distance--the perfect way to make it easier to make choices when collecting.  (I love her paintings.)  And how about hanging a really, really big painting (in this case, pale blossoms) behind your headboard?  I also like the idea of carving out a huge pumpkin and putting a waterproof container inside; you can place little stones inside the container to anchor the flowers and foliage.  I'm glad fall is coming up, I always look forward to pumpkins--big and little--and colorful squashes.

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