Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Home decorating and tips

The July/August HGTV Magazine is full of decorating ideas and tips to help you around the house, including home makeovers; this issue also includes moving advice and statistics.  And their high/low list gives examples and sources for furniture and accessories; sometimes the cheaper product even looks better, for instance the graphic pink diamonds rug and the teal lamp.  And I love the flower and vase combos, especially the purple and red vase with red roses and sweet peas.

Their snack ideas include an "ice cream" topping for a cracker made from cream cheese, marshmallow spread, and whipped topping.  I'm not sure how that would go with crackers, but it's a handy way to eat it.  Hmm.  I wonder how that would work in a little cone?  (Actually, I see this is a Ritz ad.)

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