Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Tropical Storm Erika

TS Erika is moving right along, possibly heading for the Bahamas and Florida; it's going west and could become a category 1 hurricane.

8-28-15: Erika is moving WNW, and the track has shifted east.  The spaghetti models are pretty much clustered now and moving up the peninsula.  It may or may not become a hurricane; there's dry air, wind shear, and mountains, but then there's warm water after that.

8-29-15: Erika has dissipated, though it will be giving us more rain later.  (We have another low dumping rain on us as I report.) The spaghetti models have shifted west.

8-30-15:  Erika's remnants are bringing Forida rain, though we didn't get any here today.  More is expected tomorrow--and the next day(s).

8-31-15: We still haven't gotten any rain from that leftover moisture, but it's wandering around the peninsula, and we're still expected to get some later.

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