Saturday, September 19, 2015

Decorating ideas and info from HGTV Magazine

Lots of good ideas and advice in the October issue of  HGTV Magazine, including painting your candlesticks to match your candles--really cool--and decorating your pegboards.  You can paint a dog silhouette on a pegboard that holds leashes, collars, etc. Or add stripes, words, different colored squares, a chalk board for schedules, etc.  Btw, some years ago I had a big pegboard hung in our shop, and then I painted it.  I painted it again, and then again.  Those boards really absorb paint!  And I cried once or twice between coats 'cause I wanted to finish it that day!  I don't remember how many coats it took--possibly four or more, and that was a big pegboard!

Finding inexpensive alternatives to expensive furniture and accessories is always a fun section. There's also a piece on decorating with Sharpies; drawing geometric lines on a pillow cover and then blurring the lines with a crafts paintbrush dipped in alcohol creates a lovely effect.  There are home decorating ideas too, though I still don't like open shelves in my kitchen.  Not clean!  Oh, and I learned that WD-40 means "water displacement, 40th formula."  The 39 previous formulas didn't work.

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