Friday, October 30, 2015

Rosemary reoplacements

We finally got rain--a lot of rain!--and since rosemary hate wet feet, we lost some.  We usually plant them high and dry 'cause we lost a number over the years before we learned better. However, we planted some in the big brick planter in front of the house 'cause it was always dry.  And then we got the deluge(s), and I noticed one day that a new little rosemary (Irene) was sitting in a pool of water.  The planter is divided into segments, and the middle part obviously doesn't drain!!  We didn't know that since we didn't get that much rain since we moved here a few years ago.  So little Irene was a goner.  We recently ordered four more (minimum order there --The Growers Exchange)--everyone  was out of Irene, so we got: Rosemary 'Prostrate' (we wanted a creeping rosemary), Rosemary 'Tuscan Blue', Rosemary 'Hardy Hill', and Rosemary 'Salem'.  

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