Monday, October 17, 2016

Home sale update

Our next open house is this Sunday, October 23rd. We'll clean the house, stage it, and take our critters to a friend's home--again. We recently took down some trees that had outgrown their allotted territory and were shading out some of the back lawn. (Trees often grow taller and bigger than predicted here in Florida.) And we continue to sell our furniture and other belongings to dealers and at a yard sale. We even sold our dining room chairs, which we had planned to do anyway. Now we have to buy a new set. (I know that matched sets of furniture are considered passe by some designers, and I mix and match myself, but I would like my dining room chairs to match.)

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Joy V. Smith said...

We bought a matching set of four mahogany dining room chairs--two with arms and two without. And we stained our old dining room table mahogany. (It needed it.)