Tuesday, April 25, 2017

We've moved!

We're finally moved; the movers moved our stuff (Two Men and a Truck, but we had two trucks and maybe six guys) March 22. There was a delay because of the two closings, but the guys were patient. It was hectic up to then--and afterwards!

We had to do a number of updates, and we're not done. We put in a new AC unit first, and then had a plumber and electrician each doing a number of updates. We'll have a contractor doing more projects in May, and we're also adding a screened porch in a few weeks. And then there's the landscaping; we clear cut the back yard--took out all the old trees--and removed all the bushes out front.  And we had to put in a fence; until that was done--after about three weeks--I had to take Blizzard out on leash.

So, every day we do various projects--some big and some small. This includes all the landscaping; there are a lot of new plants to water now.

We had friends over for Easter dinner after church. This house has a small kitchen and oven. Ditto for the fridge and freezer--a side-by-side. Certainly not something I would have bought. And we don't have a microwave yet. That complicated dinner.

We've unpacked most of the boxes in the garage now; I had to wait for a shelving unit. And then we had ReStore (Habitat for Humanity) pick up more boxes of stuff again. The house is small--about half the size of the Beacon house--and there's no dining room. We got rid of a lot of furniture too, and for guests we have to bring in a table from the living room. Now we're waiting for more contractors...

We have nice neighbors, btw; it's a good neighborhood. When we finally have our projects--most anyway--done, we'll have an open house, as usual after we move.