Thursday, May 25, 2017

Moving in update

We're keeping our contractor busy as we add extra projects to the original list! The microwave is installed--we didn't have one--but it had to be lowered so I didn't need to stand on my tippytoes to see inside. We had to remove the cabinet doors that flanked the stove top hood for that project so we removed a pair of cabinet doors on the adjacent wall to match that open shelving. That also freed up the cabinet pulls that we were running short of. We now have three different cabinet pulls in the kitchen: bin pulls, bar pulls, and knobs, but they match. (I think it looks cool!).  

Then we had him remove the door to the garage in the kitchen which gives us more room in that corner, and it looks much better without the old door. He had to add trim to hide the changes caused by removing the four cabinet doors; then he painted the trim, the dry wall that replaced the door, and after that he painted the garage walls. The garage is much lighter now; we can see everything better.

We ran out of bricks for our brick accent wall in the foyer, but we've ordered more; and the next big project will be removing the carpet in the living room and replacing it with tile...

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Small bathroom design ideas

Here are some design suggestions for your bathroom from 20 design ideas

Frankly, I find most of these patterns and ideas too cluttered.