Friday, August 25, 2017

Open house and beyond!

Since we have accomplished most of our remodeling and landscaping plans, we finally had our open house and invited family and friends and ordered sandwich and veggie platters from Publix and added a fruit platter from the deli, along with snacks, cookies, soda and sherbet for our sherbet punch. I love open houses because there's more time for visiting and more space for parking.

My matching hall switchplates made it in time for the open house, as did our tables for the screened porch. However, there just wasn't time to put the tables together, and they're still--all three--in the box in the garage. We have yet to finish the edging for the back beds; we've taken four trips--30 pavers each trip 'cause they're big and heavy. And the horticultural honcho is laying the hose out to plan changes. If we straighten the edging a bit, we can cut down on the number of pavers, but I love the curving serpentine look and we'd lose some lawn--and have to buy more mulch to extend the bed outward.

Also, we'd like to get rid of the carpet in at least one more room... Oh, then there's the stenciling and my Shaker pegboard; the pegboard needs to be sanded, the pegs inserted, and then it needs to be painted. (Well, I think that pink is too light--and it's my bedroom!) The foyer is the next room to be stencilled, and the stencil hasn't been chosen yet. The art deco rose? The geometic pattern? The tassels are definitely too big. And the screened porch floor will be stencilled in a stone pattern.

So, errands, chores, projects, and work to keep us busy, but there's always time to play with our new kitten, Bree. She's a black and white Manx--and so cute--and incredibly active... And this is what home is all about.

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