Friday, September 22, 2017

Clever storage solutions (link)

And again from HGTV. com, some unique storage solutions if you need more space. I like the table and chairs furniture, and the collapsible futon looks useful, but check out the rest here: Space saving ideas

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Clearing countertop clutter (link)

Here are some useful solutions from HGTV. com to help you clear off your countertops or simply add needed storage space: Clear off the clutter

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Hurricane Irma report

We had plenty of time to prepare for Irma and even filled a number containers with water, though we usually don't lose water in town. (In the country, when we lost power, we lost the well pump.) We lost power at 11:50 Sunday night (September 10), but we were expecting that. We'd closed down the electronic devices, etc. and planned to go to bed, as we've always done when we didn't have power--sometimes because it hadn't been installed yet.

We got our power back Thursday night (September 14); the linesmen had been working on our street earlier and told us it would be on that night. We are so appreciative! It was much better for sleeping 'cause it was hot--and catching up with so many things...  Other homes got power at various times and some are still waiting. Now we have to get some groceries to restock the fridge and freezer. 

Most of the homes around us are in good shape, though there's lots of flooding elsewhere around bodies of water and flood zones. The huge trees down everywhere you go are impressive; lots of them were in the roads and the trunks are cut up in big chunks and piled along the roads, along with piles of branches.

We have only two piles of debris to be picked up; one pile is branches from the oak tree and elsewhere; the other pile is pine tree branches which our neighbor cut up with his chain saw. (Thank you, David!)